Pre-purchasePurchasing a yacht should be a pleasurable experience for an owner, safe in the knowledge that the condition of vessel being purchased reflects what the owner 'understands' he/she is purchasing. Financial institutions may also request this type of survey to facilitate marine mortgages. carry out pre-purchase surveys on both motor and sailing vessels of GRP, FRP, steel, aluminium and timber construction. A comprehensive inspection is carried out both in and out-of water, as well as sea and dock trials to log engine and vessel performance and verify the correct operation of systems. GRP/FRP vessels are checked structurally for delamination and osmotic related blistering by visual inspection and the use of sounding and moisture readings. Steel and aluminium vessels are checked visually and by hammer sounding and sample ultrasonic readings to establish general plating thickness of the hull can be carried out on request and for an additional fee.

Insurance Insurers often request  a report on the condition of a vessel to ascertain the risk prior to insuring it. carry out insurance condition surveys which, whilst detailed, are somewhat less comprehensive than a pre-purchase survey in so far as they focus on items relevant to the safety of the vessel and not an aesthetics, interior finishes, furnishings etc.

Damage: carry out damage surveys for private and corporate clients to establish the cause, nature and extent of the damage incurred.